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Dong Nai Viva Park Task - The Right Tendency.
There is a propensity that the planet has, surely Vietnam will come. That is, urban people will own a second home in the suburbs. Especially close to the sea, near the resort to the weekend to sleep, away from the city`s astonishing. There is a place, just 40 minutes drive you have delivered the whole family to. It is Giang Dien waterfall. Where there are streams, there are waterfalls, pine trees, cold air car like Da Lat. Here the family is having fun together, enjoy the fresh air, quiet.
Here, we together with investors LDG is very enthusiastic to deploy jobs Dong Nai Viva Park - the first mixed-use house and apartment building in Dong Nai, right next to Giang Dien waterfall. Having a second home in this great place will not only bring great religious value to your family, but also the right investment channel. Additionally , Dong Nai Viva Park is merely 3km from Giang Dien Hi-tech Dong Nai Viva Park will be the first choice of engineers, specialists, managers working here. Where there is high demand, where the value of real estate increases rapidly.
Precise location of the job Dong Nai Viva Park - \"Door of the gate\".
Dong Nai is the gateway of the whole South and plays the role of transferring the whole region, proudly owning the national backbone community through many regions. Dong Nai River is the biggest river in Vietnam lying completely within our territory. Across the river, there is a dense woman system, especially a port, and it is beneficial to develop a heavy water port due to the large river pot and deep river.
Particularly in Dong Nai, there are 8 railway areas for transporting people and goods with an overall total size of 87. 5 km, accounting for over five per cent of the total length of Vietnam railway and a cargo artery.
Long Thanh Airport is 5000ha (50km2) and becomes a cargo and passenger transshipment center with about eighty million passengers a yr.
If Dong Nai is the gateway of the whole South, Trang Excelente district is the entrance of Dong Nai. The Viva Park project positioned in Giang Dien, Trang Excelente, Dong Nai is definitely accessible through the following streets:
- National Highway 1A, National Road 51
Expressways: HCM - Long Thanh - Dau Giay, Adecuadamente Hoa - Vung Tau, Ben Luc - Extended Thanh, Dau Giay - Phan Thiet (started in 2019).
- Ring Street 3 and Ring Street 4 through Dong Nai - Binh Duong - HCM - Long A great.
Dong Nai Viva Park is also a modern green city with a variety of utilities:
- Viva Rosa Park is practically 1. 3ha wide.
- Rainbow Tower.
- Kindergarten of 3. 093m2,
- Trade Center, Health care Dong Nai Viva Park 1 ) 510m2,
In addition to, residents have inherited full service facilities of Giang Dien Waterfall:
- Fests, Festival.
- Culinary service rich.
- TT Sports - outdoor recreation, floating around pool, tennis.
- Typically the ecological lake area, the natural waterfall brings a healthy and healthy life.
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